• When you share a cupcake socks, you share love.

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When you share a cupcake socks, you share love.

Miso hungry! Let the good times roll.

Surround yourself with pizza, not negativity. Slice, Slice, baby.

Keep it sweet like a popsicle!

Quality meets comfort

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One can never have enough socks!

J K Rowling once said this. And we all know how true that statement is. At YUMYUM socks, we try to provide products that spreads love. Our motto is to create laughter and joy while delivering exceptional quality with intricately weaved patterns on our range of food-like socks. Get your special one a pair of YUMYUM socks and feel the happiness a pair of socks can provide.

The perfect gift for any pizza lover!! The presentation alone is worth 10 stars! I was a bit jealous I hadn't ordered a set of these for myself. I gave these to my Boyfriend and he was so thrilled with them.

- Nina

Great gift idea -- super fun and great quality!

- Joe

Adorable gift!
My husband likes Sushi, and this was a cute thoughtful gift.

- Alyssa

These are by far the perfect unique gift set!

Hey everyone, if you're scrolling on through the reviews stop at mine. i bought them for my husband for his birthday. These socks are amazing! I highly recommend buying them, not only these are amazingly packaged, but they are also soft inside and super comfy.

- Sarah

YUMYUM socks are comprised of the best materials including 86% cotton, 12% polyamide and 2% elastane for stretchability. Our products are known for comfort and more extended wear.