About Us

One rainy night in the month of September of 2020, I was laying in my couch watching Netflix. Because of the COVID, this was my daily routine for almost every evenings. I was working as a software developer as my primary job. Suddenly, my sister, who is still attending college from home, comes out of her room and angrily shouts at me saying not to throw my socks like donuts everywhere. I was alreadys elling few other products in a small scale, the work "Donut" and "socks" resonated throughout the night in my mind. And few weeks from that we have created YUMYUM socks entirely from our garage. Made with high quality materials, fun packaging and lots of love. Our main aim was to spread the smile that comes when you first see our foodlike socks collection. We are constantly growing and adding new fun filled way to make our products unique and fun, also keeping customers happy.

YUMYUM socks are comprised of the best materials including 86% cotton, 12% polyamide and 2% elastane for stretchability.  Our products are known for comfort and more extended wear.

Prices remain consistent and competitive when compared to other leading national brands and styles. YUMYUM socks start at as less as $10.00 per pair up to $40.00 for a 6-pack of collector special packaged socks.